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Getting here | The Mominoki Hakuba


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+81 (0)261-72-4453

The Pub Open
12:00 - till late
Happy Hour
15:00 - 17:00

Izakaya Open
17:30 - 22:00

Getting here

How to get to Hakuba

Access from Tokyo

By Train

Two options:
1. Take the “Shinkansen” (bullet train) to Nagano city from Tokyo or Ueno station. This takes an hour and a half to two hours and services leave every twenty minutes (the earliest train leaves Tokyo station at 6:24am and the last at 10:04pm).When you arrive at Nagano station, transfer to the “Alpico” bus (East exit from bus stop 6) to Hakuba (1400yen – 70 min). The buses run every hour from 8:20am to 8:30pm. If there are no more buses (after 8:30pm), we can pick you up in Nagano city for a fee of 10000yen/car load.

Check out the “Alpico” bus website for more information:

2. Take the “Super Azusa” limited express from Shinjuku to Hakuba (7870yen – 4 hours). There is only 1 direct to Hakuba “Super Azusas” a day leaving Shinjuku at 7:30am. There are however “Azusas” leaving for Matsumoto every hour all day until 6:00pm. From Matsumoto take the “Oito” local train to Hakuba. We can pick you up at Hakuba station free of charge.*Note, depending on departure times for the “Oito” line, you may have to change trains in Shinano-Omachi.

**to calculate exact train times and fares check out;

***Note if you don’t have a rail pass there are discount ticket shops near many of the big stations. At Shinjuku station for example, go to the west exit. Go up the escalator so you are now at street level and walk outside and turn right. In about 20meters you’ll pass a big electrical goods stores selling phones and cameras called “Sakuraya”. Keep walking and very soon you’ll see a KFC on your right. Just after the KFC you’ll notice a few shops selling what look like to be movie tickets. They also sell discount train tickets to Hakuba and Nagano city!! These will save you from 2 – 3000yen one-way.

By Bus

Take the Keio bus bound for Hakuba from Shinjuku bus terminal. The terminal can be reached from the west exit of Shinjuku station: just follow the signs. Take the bus all the way to Hakuba Happo bus terminal (41/2 hours) and give us a ring! We’ll come and pick you up.

Bus prices are 4700yen (one way) 8500yen (return – you must book the return date when you buy your ticket but you can change it later)

Buses leave Shinjuku at 8:00, 9:00, 15:30, 17:00, 19:00, 22:30 (this last one is a night bus and arrives in Hakuba very early)

For more information check out the Keio bus web sight:

or call them at: 03 5376 2222 (Shinjuku), 0261 72 3155 (Hakuba)

Hakuba Shuttle Bus Service

Our Address

The Pub / Izakaya Kaz / Ogino’s Steakhouse
Next to Hakuba Mominoki Hotel
4683-2 Hokujyo Hakuba
Nagano 399-9301
+81 (0)261 724453